ON-TRUCKS: A Digital Logistics Platform, We Are Ready for Excelent Service!

ON-TRUCKS is a digital-based logistic services with head office in Jakarta, Indonesia. We connect truck owners and shippers in real-time with the convenience of high-tech websites when the shipper needs services for shipping goods. ON-TRUCKS as freight management solutions that practical, systematic, and transparent is ready to assist your business whenever you need us.

ON-TRUCKS as freight management service offers a lot of benefits for both shipper and transporter. We dedicated our services to fulfill the needs of both clients and truck owners. As a B2B business model, we prioritized gaining and maintain the trust of our clients. ON-TRUCKS put the customer services as the front guard that bridging what our client needs to be directly handled by the expert.

Our team consists of a lot of expertise that has been serving more than a decade of experience in logistics and transportation management conventional-based and endeavors to stage-up our technology-based. Assisting various industries to supply their trucking needs in order to fill up the stability of supply-chain. ON-TRUCKS as freight management service has been given the opportunities to step up the game and equip our business with the most complete variety of fleet categories in Indonesia.

What Do We Do?

We began our journey as freight management services to help truck owners and shippers out of the quandary. Both of them happened to run into a nauseating shipment experience. ON-TRUCKS as freight management solutions for the shipper dealing with reliable vendors, get the best price, fleet availability, and safety. On the other hand, for the transporter, we helped them dealing with vehicle utility, late payment, and unpredictable circumstances during the shipment.

How Are the Order Mechanism?

ON-TRUCKS provides a high-tech website to assists shipper and transporter having experience of simplicity in logistic services as the front gate. As a service company in the B2B business model, we have to recognize “who is our client?” and “what do they do?”. We believe that credibility is one of the essential factors that ON-TRUCKS have been trying to maintain since day one with the clients. Hence we devoted our manpower to preserve ON-TRUCKS with the clients.

After fulfilling the registration on our website, our team will approach each of the clients to discuss what they need and what we can provide. Subsequent to the approval of our terms, the clients need to fill up the supplementary documents to our team, and then all the required documents are set up. After that, our team will cross-check all the vehicles available for the shipment and assign the best one that suitable for each shipment.

Our Unique Solutions

We can assure that both shippers and truck owners will be benefited from our unique solutions such as early payment for truck owners that will help their cash flow without waiting for the terms of payment that take months. For each shipment, the shipper will get an update from our team. All the reports will have delivered completely to the clients without the possibility of negligence.

Years of experience in logistic management and shipment, our team have handled various type of business category such as food and beverage, industrial supplies, until pharmaceutical. We firmly believe that we have the capability to endure all of the measure assisting both shipper and transporter.

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