ON-TRUCKS Safety Protocol on Keeping Sites Clean and Sanitized During COVID-19

ON-TRUCKS employ safety protocols for preventing our associates from the hazardous coronavirus which also known as COVID-19. We put safety as priority for our working environment by ensuring our facilities are properly cleaned.

Deep Cleaning Defined

Our safety process starts with prevention. Between each shift, our cleaning teams utilize disinfectant cleaning items to wipe down the surfaces in areas that are intensely trafficked, and equipment that is shared by our employees, including stairway railings, door handles, light switches, seats, bathrooms, filing cabinets and faucet handles. We assess all the aspects and make the appropriate determination on deep cleaning protocols and whether to clean an entire facility, multiple facilities or the potentially trafficked area.

Because of the nature of the virus and national testing shortages, it’s frequently impossible to know whether employees who feel sick are suffering from a cold, allergies or COVID-19. If an employee goes homesick, even without a positive COVID-19 test, we do another round of thorough disinfecting that focuses on every area where the employee worked or was in the facility, as well as heavily-trafficked areas.

Throughout the cleaning process, the cleaning teams wear hazmat suits, eye protection, respirators and nitrile disposable gloves. Thoroughly clean surfaces our cleaning team using a combined detergent and disinfectant. This ensures our cleaning team follows the rules and protocol set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Prevention is Paramount

Photo: ON-TRUCKS Brand Communication and Digital Marketing Assets.

ON-TRUCKS implement pick-up service to the employees for those in the shift schedule. We pick up the employees from their homes and give rides to our head office.

Photo: ON-TRUCKS Brand Communication and Digital Marketing Assets.

At our offices, we install a high-tech fingerprint device which also be equipped with face sensor, thus our employees didn’t have to do physical contact which aim to prevent the bacterial transmission since the device used by a lot of people.

Photo: ON-TRUCKS Brand Communication and Digital Marketing Assets.

ON-TRUCKS also provides the offices (including branch office) with medical equipment for preventing coronavirus transmissions such as face masks for the employee, hand sanitizer for each building, and thermometer for checking up before the employee enters the office. Our primary focus is safeguarding our employees, many of whom are on the front lines of moving goods through the supply chain. The efforts are part of increasingly aggressive actions by ON-TRUCKS are taking to ensure goods continue to move through distribution networks.

Photo: ON-TRUCKS Brand Communication and Digital Marketing Assets.

ON-TRUCKS has put preventive ways for its internal institution in terms of cutting the chain of COVID-19 transmission. We had been doing shifts during COVID-19 with the intention of doing social distancing in our offices. Office management, senior team members, and human resources staff participate in meetings prior to the start of each shift to emphasize social distancing and the importance of leaving work immediately if feeling unwell. Employees must affirm their health status before beginning a shift, and stay at home if they are ill and be tested if they believe they have been exposed to COVID-19. Social distancing guidelines are in effect in all ON-TRUCKS workplaces. In this case, offices have erected barriers between workstations to limit contact between employees.

Taken together, these steps are part of how we’re working to continually protect our employees. We believe that the protocol that we implement for preventing our employees are part of our endeavor in providing the best services during the outbreak.

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